How To Create A Complaint & Grievance System AHCA Will Love!

You'll be surprised how easy and effective this process is
You're Going To Learn
Keeping Residents Satisfied Has Many Benefits

Assisted living is essentially about providing standard care for all residents
as the only way to ensure consistent occupancy rates is through the
maximization of satisfaction -for residents and their relatives. Achieving
satisfaction for this group and maintaining a reputable standing within your
professional community is a result of the operations, services offered and
activities of the assisted living facility. 
A Model Complaint Process
Learn the 7 steps to creating a successful Compliant and Grievance system for your ALF. Each step is detailed and gives you instructions to create a system that AHCA will love.  
Turning Complaints
into Compliments
An effective complaint process is the first step towards customer
satisfaction, which is the foundation for compliments. Prompt resolution of
issues and concerns with lasting solutions for the situations and maximizing
client satisfaction, is the best way for the facility to achieve the highest levels
of customer service. Hence, effectively turning complaints into compliments.